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Biggest Festival of Frights Yet

This year's Festival of Frights is looking to be a real doozy! Mayor Pleasance has set the biggest budget to date aside for this year's celebrations. "It's really a special festival, and this year in particular is a very, very special year indeed!" Mayor gave a cheeky wink after saying. The Festival of Frights has been going on for nearly 80 years, with this marking the 77th Festival to be held! So be sure to get yourself a diabolical costume, and get ready for a night filled with spooky and zany visitors!

-Article from Haddonfield's local newspaper.


Royal Gone Missing!

The royal family is asking for any information relating to the disappearance of their daughter, Ana I. The young woman is well known for her golden halo and charming demeanor, and was last seen in the palace courtyard with her bodyguard who goes by the name of Leon, and often is seen with a whip of exceptional quality. Although very few other details have been released at this time, the atmosphere around the palace is one of calm panic, with extra guards on lookout and various nobles moving about with hurried purpose and vigor. If you have any information about the missing royal or her guard, please contact the city watch or the magistrate.

-Excerpt from the #(@& Kingdom's biggest paper, Her Grace

The News

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